We are happy to announce that our office remodel is done!  Our excellent contractors, Anderson-Garcia Construction, promised we’d only be closed for a week, and they came through on their promise and we are very pleased with their excellent work!  It definitely was an extremely busy week, filled with many details, decisions, lifting, reorganizing, and cleaning, but well worth it.

The new entrance to the office is located on the North side of the building, with a new sidewalk coming off the sidewalk on Main Street, just north of our building.  Please do not go in the old entrance…..the front of the building is currently under remodel.  The landscaping around the new sidewalk is not complete yet, so please be careful until that is done.  We want to WELCOME you to our remodeled office!

new sidewalk

New sidewalk

new rooms

New rooms

New rooms construction

New flooring

Hallway to rooms

Remodel done 2

Adjusting room

Remodel done 3



Crystal Springs Tap Room will be located in the front of  the office and the renovation for that space will continue for approximately 3 more weeks.



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